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 Services & Pricing 

Pricing is by the square footage of the home.  All combo packages cost less than the combined individual services.


SMALL:                                                STANDARD:                                       MID-RANGE:
100-1,999 sq. ft.                                2,000-2,999 sq. ft.                          3,000 – 3,999 sq. ft.
Photos – $125                                   Photos: $125                                    Photos  – $125
3D Tour – $175                                 3D Tour: $175                                   3D Tour – $200
Combo Package – $250                Combo Package: $250                   Combo Package – $275


LARGE:                                                 ESTATE:                                             CUSTOM:
4,000 – 4,999 sq. ft.                        5,000 – 5,999 sq. ft.                        6,000+ sq. ft.
Photos – $125                                  Photos – $150                                 Photos – call for quote
3D Tour – $200                                3D Tour – $250                               3D Tour – call for quote
Combo Package – $300                Combo Package – $325               Combo – call for quote


Or $0.10 per sq. ft. with a $200 minimum.


Up to 10 images of the exterior only.  This is a per-visit minimum charge.


This type of shoot is scheduled for the last 30 minutes of daylight (twilight).  Up to 5 images of the exterior only.  This is a per-visit minimum charge.  Extra processing required is included.


Please inform at the time of the appointment if you need rush delivery of your images.  We will make every effort to accommodate you at that time; however, our schedule does not always guarantee this service.


This applies to removal or alteration of features or objects as necessary.  We will consult you before proceeding with this option.


All materials are guaranteed to be as specified and in accordance with the details and locations.  All files will be delivered electronically the next business day by 5 PM from the time of the shoot unless otherwise discussed.   If your appointment is on a Friday, then photos will be delivered by Monday 5 PM. Pricing and service information is confidential and subject to change. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you!

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